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The Krasnodar Territory is among the top ten most economically influential regions in Russia based on the total amount of investments.

In 2023, 122 projects were implemented in the region, with a total investment in fixed assets reaching 860 billion rubles.

«At the end of last year, investment in fixed capital exceeded the planned figures and reached over 860 billion rubles, which is the highest level since 2013.  We have made good progress, completing 122 major projects totaling 186.5 billion rubles. This has resulted in the creation of over 5,000 new jobs in the region,» stated Alexander Ruppel, Vice-Governor of the Krasnodar Territory.

Such indicators have enabled the Krasnodar Territory to maintain the 8th position in Russia in total investments. Currently, the region is carrying out over 510 significant investment projects, amounting to more than 2.9 trillion rubles. This will lead to the creation of approximately 103,000 new jobs.

«The engagement of investors reflects the favorable business environment established here.  Currently, the Krasnodar Territory provides extensive support measures across various sectors, which contribute to the region’s economic growth. These initiatives have proven to be highly effective: for the 2023 projects, we observe nearly 6 rubles in tax revenue for every 1 ruble of state support,» stated Alexander Ruppel.

In 2023, the sectors with the most investment activity were transportation and storage (29.8% of total investment), manufacturing (20.5%), electric power (8.7%), agriculture (6.4%), and hotel services (3%).  There was also a significant rise in investment in manufacturing industries, integrated territorial development, the establishment of urban amenities, and infrastructure.

«In some areas, business activity has grown between 15 percent and 2 times. Investors are noticing new opportunities to invest their funds due to a comfortable climate and favorable conditions.  The average project implementation time in the region has sped up by 30 percent, partly due to the successful execution of the End-to-End Investment Flow lean project», said Vasily Vorobyev, the Head of the Department of Business Development and Foreign Economic Activity of the Krasnodar Territory.

Efforts are underway to attract investments that stimulate economic growth. In 2023, a total of 176 agreements with investors amounting to 483.6 billion rubles have been signed. Upon completion, these agreements will result in the creation of 32,600 jobs in the region.

In the near future, the Krasnodar Territory will host new federal-level projects. The construction of the Adler bypass, which is the initial phase of the Dzhubga – Sochi highway project under the Azov – Black Sea cluster development, has started. Moreover, this year will mark the start of a significant renovation of the Primorskaya embankment in Sochi, along with ongoing progress in expanding the Abrau-Durso tourist cluster. The development of the all-Russian beach family resort New Anapa and the ski resort Turyev Khutor is anticipated to make significant progress.